Updated on May 22, 2018

For us, ACCO Brands Corporation and the other companies of the ACCO Brands group (collectively, “ACCO Brands”), protecting your privacy is an important matter. This privacy notice will provide you with information on how we may collect, manage and use your personal data. It will also describe how you can manage this data. You can reach us anytime at if you have questions regarding this privacy policy or your personal data.

Summary of use of your data

  • We at ACCO Brands will use your personal data exclusively for the purpose of processing requests by you to exercise your rights under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and other data protection laws.
  • Once you have provided us with your personal data, we will principally not pass this data on to third parties. We will use your data to verify your identity with a third party service. We will also share your data within ACCO Brands to fulfill your request.

What does this privacy notice cover?

This privacy notice describes how ACCO Brands and other companies in the ACCO Brands Group collect, use and transfer data associated with your use of our website or online services when you make a request to exercise your data protection rights.

Furthermore, it describes your privacy rights, including your right to object to various types of this processing by ACCO Brands. Further information regarding your rights and how to use them are included in the section "What rights do I have?"

What type of data do we collect?

We collect and process personal data about you if you interact with our company or our websites or if you communicate with our customer service employees. These include:

  • Your full name
  • Your private or business address, e-mail address and phone number
  • Your company, if you provided data to us in the course of your employment by one of our customers, suppliers, or third parties
  • Your marketing preferences, including all permissions you have granted us

How do we use your data and what is the legal basis for this?

We process your personal data for the following legally required purposes:

  • To complete a request by you to exercise your data protection rights
  • To verify your identity
  • To respond to requests by authorities or criminal prosecution authorities who request the information in the course of an investigation or in the course of determining ACCO Brands’ compliance with data protection laws.

Which data do you have to disclose?

The disclosure of your full name, telephone number, address as well as your e-mail address is mandatory, as we need this information to verify your identity. If you do not provide this data, we will not able to fill your requests.

The disclosure of any further data is optional. If you do not provide that information, however, we may be unable to verify your identity.

How can you withdraw a permission granted or how can you object to receiving direct marketing materials?

You have the right to withdraw your permission in all cases in which you granted us the permission to process your data. In this case, we will terminate the data processing related to the respective permission.

In some cases we may send you direct advertising without your permission. In this case, you have the right to opt out of this direct marketing at any time. You can do this by following the instructions we provide to you in the message, if this was an electronic message. Alternatively, you can change your preferences in the “Marketing Opt-In” section of this site.

With whom, where and when do we share this data?

We may transfer your personal data to other companies in the ACCO Brands group in order to respond to your requests to exercise your data protection rights, including rectifying or deleting data where required.

If we receive a request from administrative or criminal prosecution authorities, we will transfer this personal data, if this is required by law or if this is required to protect our legitimate interests according to the applicable law.

We will also transfer your personal data to a third party verification service to verify your identity, so that others cannot gain access to your personal data.

If a business section of our company is sold or integrated into a different company, we may disclose your data to our consultants and to the consultants of the potential buyer and will pass these on to the new owners of the company.

We will only transfer data outside the European Economic Area if this is necessary to fulfill a contract or if sufficient privacy is ensured; this is the case if there is an adequacy decision by the Commission of the European Union or if the data is adequately protected by standard contract terms permitted by the EU commission, a relevant privacy shield certification or the obligatory company terms of the processing service provider. A copy of the relevant mechanism is available for your review upon request by sending an e-mail to

What rights do I have?

You have the following rights:

  • To request us to provide you with information regarding the processing of your data.
  • To request a copy of your personal data.
  • To correct, delete or limit the processing of your personal data.
  • If we process your data on the basis of your permission or to fulfill a contract, you can ask us to provide you with a structured, machine-readable format of your data that you have submitted to us.

Furthermore, you can object to the processing of your personal data under certain conditions (especially if we do not need to process your data in order to fulfill a contractual or other legal obligation or if we use the data for direct advertising).

These rights may be limited, for example, if during the fulfillment of your request, data about another person were to be disclosed or if you ask us to delete data whose storage is a legal obligation.

In order to execute these rights, you can contact us using the contact details below or on this site, which is specifically designed to allow you to easily exercise your rights. If you have unresolved concerns, you have the right to file a complaint with an EU data protection authority in the city where you work, or wherever you feel that there might be violation.

How do I contact you?

We hope that we were able to answer your questions regarding the processing of your data. If you have concerns regarding the processing of your data or if you wish to opt out of direct marketing, you can contact us at or at the following address:

ACCO Brands Corporation

Four Corporate Drive,

Lake Zurich, IL, 60047-8997

Phone Number: 1-800-222-6462


How long will you keep my data?

If we process your data to fulfill a data subject rights request, we will keep the data for as long as required to demonstrate compliance with applicable data protection laws.

If we process personal data for marketing purposes or with your permission, we will keep this data until you ask us to stop the processing, as well as for a short time thereafter (until we can implement your request). We will keep your request to not send you direct marketing materials or process your data indefinitely, so that we will be able to fulfill your request in the future as well.